A Meeting Place for Early loss twins

This is really my twin's Enjy's place, not mine. S/He does not have any other place in this world. S/He was miscarried at age four months in the womb. We were twins and made to be together for years and we were torn apart within seconds. This is the place where I go to talk to him/her and about him/her. Anyone who has lost a twin in utero or very early is very welcome here to read and share.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Photos as a means to heal

On a website about TTTS I found several stories from parents who had lost one of their twin-babies to that ugly disease. In order to create an image of his/her twinship for their surviving child they make pictures of the child and modify them so they show two children. Of course, it's the same child twice and nobody syas otherwise, but since TTTS mostly affects identicals it's still a way to create a visible might-have-been and parents find this healing for themselves and their survivors. I tried to do it on a picture of me at age age 3. These two pictures are set next to one another in a scrapbook my parents made for me when I was a child and they do look like twin-photos even without arranging them (which I am not very good at).

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